Grand Canyon Trek 2015.

I just can’t help myself. I have signed up for my third trek in three years, this time heading out to Arizona to walk over 70km of the Grand Canyon in aid of Guide Dogs. As always I am paying for the cost of the trek myself and am asking people to donate to Guide Dogs via my JustGiving page.

I had reservations about signing up this year. The first was that I think I’m going to struggle to get another £500.00 out of you lot, and quite rightly so. It’s a harsh economical climate, only the other day I didn’t have enough to get a coffee and a bagel so had to settle for just the coffee. I’ve put in the first £100.00 myself because I’ve also been doing Dry January and figure this is the amount I’ve saved by not drinking for the month.

I was also unsure about whether doing the Grand Canyon counted as a trek. Then I watched Operation Grand Canyon and realised that they don’t mess around over there. This is some real trekking. This isn’t some helicopter ride over the top of a hole in the Earth, I’m going to be amongst the buzzards and the crows.

I’m excited.









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