Arts & Culture.

You are not being treated to a post right now because my Kindle is out of batteries and it’s a long commute to just sit and twiddle my thumbs.
I hope you’re wondering why there wasn’t the usual update this week. I’m sure you were refreshing and pondering what gold I was going to spray at you.
You didn’t miss it. There wasn’t one. I have finally been absorbed into my so called work. I can’t explain it all because neither of us have the time. I do however have a new title.

As of this moment I am the Arts & Culture editor for What’s Up What’s On magazine. It’s a massive opportunity at a brilliant up and comer and I can’t wait to get completely absorbed in the work.
My boss (Steve (why are they always called Steve)) is a cool cat and is giving me a lot of room to choose what I write about while being sure I turn over something of quality and stick to the ever threatening deadlines. There’s a lot of room for development. The discussions we have had are exciting and we will see what becomes of it all.

Today has been a day of progress. My next book, The Stamp Collective, has been returned to me by the proof reader I hired to check it before I independently publish it.
I’ve received confirmation that the contract on my flat is good to go and I could be moving in two weeks.
I’m still getting a steady number of rejection letters for my latest manuscript, Yours Sincerely, Southend but it’s hard to be down about anything when everywhere else is blooming so nicely.
Something is happening and I’m in orbit.






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