Don’t Expect To Hear From Me.

I didn’t play this song for the longest time because of what it reminded me of.

A couple of years ago I was in a band called Negative Panda Society. I loved that band and our stupid name. It never really went anywhere but one of my friends, Danny, was obsessed with my songwriting and would listen to every demo I ever played to him. He was one of the most inspiring and frustrating people I ever met. At our shows it was guaranteed he would be at the front, singing the words back to me.

Danny had been experiencing seizures and was on different types of medication as the doctors tried to establish whether he had epilepsy or something else. Unfortunately one night he had a seizure in his sleep and passed away. When I was told the next day I was absolutely devastated. He was in his twenties. I had never lost anyone like that before. You expect your grandparents to eventually leave but you assume your friends are going to be there forever.
That night Negative Panda Society played a gig at The Royal in Southend. I dedicated this song Don’t Expect To Hear From Me to him. Weeks later, I played it as his wake. It’s very special to me, as are my memories of him.

Sleep well brother.







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