Everything That Remains

I’m actually quite fortunate in the fact that I enjoy what I do for a job. I know far too many people who don’t so if you could be sure not to tell them about this I would really appreciate it.
I spend five days a week, from nine am to five pm sat in a little cubicle punching keys and I enjoy it.
This morning I caught myself having a conversation with an actual adult, who does her job, and knows, presumably, what she is talking about and I thought to myself:
“Look at you. Having a conversation about something which you have absolutely no idea about. Look how good we are at feigning interest, or at pretending we know what we are doing. This is amazing. You’re like a real person now. Well done. Well done us.”
Of course while all of this beautiful self-aggrandising was going on the other party to the conversation continued to speak and I completely lost track of what I was supposed to say. As it turned out a simple ‘Hmm’ and a headshake seemed to do the trick and she went on her way to probably carry out hari -kiri in my name because of the Hmm and a headshake.
I’ve decided I don’t want to be one of those people who just rips off over social networking about what an absolute tool their boss is (mine is genuinely very nice) or talks about how they can’t wait for Friday. I don’t want to live for the weekend. I’m living for now, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
This week I have read Everything That Remains, the brilliant memoir by The Minimalists. In it they talk about how they walked away from their six-figure salary jobs in corporate American retail in order to realise their dreams, unload their baggage and embrace who they are and what they are passionate about. It’s a wonderful read and a truly embracing experience they went through. Maybe in time I will be able to let go completely. I found myself agreeing with each point they made, particularly those of Joshua Fields Millburn’s comments on writing and habits.

My point is, while it would be nice to make it out of the rat race and it would be incredible to embrace what I want and what I truly want to be it is only recently that I worked out exactly what that is and so I must continue on until the path splits.








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    I love my job even if it’s too stressful

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