Project 333 – one month in.

So a month ago today I started on my own Project 333. 
You’ll want to read that post first, it’s here
Today I am allowing myself some adaptation to it all. 
I will still keep 33 items of clothing in my wardrobe but the last month has taught me a little more about my wearing habits than I had expected. 

I started with:
7 t-shirts
4 jumpers
4 cardigans
7 shirts
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of shorts (because I’m hoping for a summer at some point this year)
2 coats
1 jacket
1 blazer
1 necklace
1 earring
2 pairs of shoes

There are some of those items I am yet to wear, and I can put this down to any number of reasons. Despite limiting my wardrobe, I feel I have improved it. Each time I go to put something on, it’s something I want to wear, I don’t have to pile a bunch of stuff out of the way in order to get to ‘that’ t-shirt, or whatever else it may be.
What I have learnt is that I do wear a t-shirt pretty much every day, with a combination of the other items I have allowed myself. This has left me with the dilemma of often running out of t-shirts (because if it is a running day I hadn’t set aside work out t-shirts). If the washing doesn’t get done for a week (as is often the case at Schiernecker Towers (we’ve got a lot going on)) then I am pretty stumped when it comes to choosing clothes. I have therefore given myself two extra t-shirts.
Of course, under the rules of Project 333 I have to only wear 33 items. This means getting rid of something. Despite my clean looking cupboard there are still shirts and jumpers I favour above others so I have cut one shirt, and one jumper in favour of two t-shirts. I also fancy a change to the two pairs of shoes I allowed myself so I’m shopping in my long winter coat (which was a bit of an oversight for an April – July Project 333) and am getting my desert boots out. 

When I am done with all this, I still don’t think I could go back to having as much stuff as I did. There are clear favourites, and on 12 July I am going to make a conscious effort to give as much away to charity as I can, and then make sure I have more of my uniform items. 

Another issue I thought I would have is people noticing I am always in the same thing. That hasn’t happened once. I can go a week without repeating, two if I wear every t-shirt once, and every shirt once, but it hasn’t come to anyone’s attention, at least not to the point where they have commented on it. 

If you’re thinking about doing this, joining in, then you should. It’s becoming a really interesting experience. It’s a very cathartic process and means you can shift focus to where it is needed.





2 responses to “Project 333 – one month in.”

  1. TAW Avatar

    I thought gym clothes didn’t count!

    1. woowoocoolbastards Avatar

      They don’t, but I didn’t even bother specifically setting aside gym clothes.

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