Today is my baby brother’s 21st birthday. 
It’s really strange to think of him as an adult. I don’t know if I ever will truly be able to grasp it. He certainly doesn’t act like it a lot of the time. When I think about how we were when we were little, and how much I doted on him and how much he adored me in return, I’m saddened by the way things have to change but spending time with him, and my other brother, and their friends last night just shows that things changing is not necessarily a bad thing. We all have our own things going on, but when thrown together everything we have shared in the last two decades is inherent in it, it sits between us and it’s a fantastic thing to be a part of.

I feel very lucky to get along with my siblings. I know far too many people who for a number of different reasons don’t have that same relationship. There really is nothing like a brother. 








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