My first premiere.

Technically not my first premiere.
I went to the premiere of a film I co-wrote in 2010. I don’t remember a lot of it. Apparently I threw popcorn in people’s hair.
My first premiere I can remember was last night. I went to see Comedown, the new film by Menhaj Huda of Kidulthood and Adulthood fame. The film stars Jacob Anderson, Geoff Bell and Adam Deacon and is an ‘urban’ horror film about a tenant who stalks around an abandoned tower block in East London killing mischievous youts.

It’s enjoyable, and has some impressive looking death scenes but won’t be a threat at the Oscars. It’s a nice little twist on something we see enough of in modern horror. The fact it was set in the all to familiar and ominous high rise added something. Even as I left the venue I expected to see it on the horizon.

The young cast do well to build the tension and Jacob Anderson looks set to be the next name to emerge from the scene. He handles the lead role of Lloyd well, being almost the only likeable character in the whole film. Geoff Bell is also worthy as the tenant, despite his Creep like screams towards the end.

It’s out on DVD on March 11, and should do quite well considering it’s backing. It was a good evening, an excellent chance to catch up with some old friends and a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of it all.
I’m kidding, you get me blud?!







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