The Birthday EP.

My new EP is now available to download for free through BandCamp.
Click here.
Select Buy Now.

I know I’m probably never going to make a lot of money making music. That’s not why I do it. That’s not why I recorded this EP. All I want is for people to listen to what I’m doing. That’s why it is up for free. Just listen to it and let me know what you think.
If you like it then pass it on to your friends.

It’s the first completely acoustic EP I think I have ever released. I know there are certain people who will dispute that comment but the 10D Demos don’t really count as a release Jocasta.
I just wanted the whole thing to sound very natural so headed to the excellent Broom Cupboard recording studio. Rees knew exactly what I was after and set up a number of microphones to capture live performances of the seven songs that make up the EP.
At least three of them are first takes as well. I hate having to go back over anything I have done so what you get is what I was aiming for when I first sat down.

I wanted to thank the people who have provided feedback so far. Kate. Terri. Lottie. Sam. You’re awesome.

If you head over to my Bandcamp page you’ll also find my previous two EPs; Get Me To Marrakech and Karma Before The Storm. These are also free to download. GMTM was recorded in September 2012 at home and KBTS was recorded with Rees at the Broom Cupboard.

Track listing
1. I Wish.
2. House Of Cards.
3. Broken Record Love Song.
4. The Devil.
5. Let’s Go Back.
6. Coming Down.
7. Tell Me Your Secrets.






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