An unlimited supply (BFI).

Last night I went to the London Comedy Film Festival showing of Wreck It Ralph. I managed to secure a plus one and took my little Mex for an evening out. It was so good. I won’t say too much about the film because that is what Screen Geek expect from me. It is visually incredible and very funny, and fits in nicely with the continuing legacy of Pixar films. That’s it though. That’s all I’m saying.

The showing was followed by a Q&A with director Rich Moore and Sarah Silverman who stars in the film as Vanellope. It has really invigorated my desire to one day make my own film project. I’ve had so many things on the back burner for so long, and I would love to get behind the camera and really make something of them. I think when a director does a job well it shows, and listening to Moore talk last night you could tell he knew he had hit the jackpot and was indeed living the dream.

It’s a shame directors aren’t given more time unless they’ve got all kinds of mega sass and a massive following behind them, because there’s a reason they get to be in charge of these projects, and there is a lot to be gained from them.






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