Blue Valentine – an almost review.

Last night I watched Blue Valentine all the way through. I’m sure I have caught bits of it over the years but last night was the first time I saw it through from start to finish. It’s so good. It’s stuck with me all through today. I keep thinking about how stupid and young they were and how it all blew up and the risks and the love and everything else.
I find myself swooning over Gosling more than I do over any other man of late. I must reiterate I am straight. I have to tell myself that sometimes.
I can’t work out what it is but he just seems like the coolest guy.

Michelle Williams is beautiful as well. I think that’s why I became so invested in the story. They look so good together.
For other examples see Di Caprio and Winslet or Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.
The trick with making a modern love story is to throw some dirt and some reality into it. There’s no point in fairy tales, we grew up on them, we’ve heard it all. What we want is to see people struggle with their feelings, to be awkward, to get punched in the face, to lie, to fall, to cheat. It’s real. It’s how things are and should be reflected. It’s relatable. That’s what Blue Valentine does.

You should watch it. Even if it is just for the swoon.






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