Top Ten Films of 2018.

The following is by no means a definite list. I definitely haven’t seen all of the films released this year so you can’t get mad at me for not including You Were Never Really Here in my list, because that’s all it is. It’s my list. I’ve also avoided seeing certain films because I don’t…… Continue reading Top Ten Films of 2018.

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Carousel EP – a review.

From the opening strains of Show, it is clear that Southend-on-Sea’s very own Carousel have a goal in mind, and that’s to lift you up. There is nothing to stop the smiles spreading as their sublime vocal melodies explode and their joyous mix of folk and blues push on like clockwork. Their take on Americana…… Continue reading Carousel EP – a review.

On Angels In America.

It always means a great deal when someone recommends something to me. Be it a song, a sandwich or a new way to tie your laces, the fact  I am thought of is always appreciated. For that reason, when renowned pessimist and all round problematic fave George recommended Tony Kushner’s Angels In America to me,…… Continue reading On Angels In America.

Davey Hal – Materials Logic

It would be fair to say that our little seaside town is not short of talent. That’s why I was pleased to see that one of the most prominent voices on the local scene, Davey Hal, was working on his first solo album, and enthralled when he asked me to give Materials Logic an exclusive…… Continue reading Davey Hal – Materials Logic

Pixies | Live in Brixton

Not that you asked, and I’mma let you finish, but Doolittle is one of the greatest albums of all time. It can probably only be topped, to my mind, by Revolver, I’m Wide Awake and Transformer. It’s amazing. I was settled on the fact I would never get to hear the songs of Doolittle, or…… Continue reading Pixies | Live in Brixton

Obersting at the seams.

In the summer of 2006 I was in my friend’s car. It was the kind of warm that in retrospect you can never recall surviving through. He put on an album that he told me I was wrong. It opened a door that it was impossible to close. That album was I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning…… Continue reading Obersting at the seams.

The Libertines – Hyde Park.

On a walk to school in 2003 my friend Mike bought a copy of the NME. On the cover was a bulb-eyed, shaven-headed young man who was apparently the coolest thing that had happened that week. His name was Peter Doherty. He had been arrested for stealing from his bandmate’s flat while they were on…… Continue reading The Libertines – Hyde Park.

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Sail on Salinger.

Over the last decade no writer has had as much of an impact upon me as Jerome David Salinger. At a time when I wanted to be misunderstood and dark, when nobody seemed to get me and when I didn’t fully understand myself I was given a copy of Catcher In The Rye. Since that moment…… Continue reading Sail on Salinger.