Ison Cometh.

I just read about the Ison Comet which is due to be visible from the Earth later this eye. It is set to be the astrological high point of 2013, in November possibly appearing brighter than the moon in the night sky.

I love space. I find the whole unknown of it all fascinating and while I have never held a scientific mind, those incredible points of interest like a comet or satellite footage of planets captures the adventure child within.
I grew up watching Star Wars and the like. While my birth was a decade behind the beginning of the original trilogy my Dad made sure I was up to (light)speed on all things in the Force. It’s very easy to disregard the incredible things that happen above our heads. I’m hoping the Ison will be visible while I am away from the light pollution in the Sahara in October.
Maybe I could write to the government and ask them to cut the lights on a particular date so we could all enjoy the show.






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