A note from a soon to be self published author.

Yesterday I announced the imminent arrival of my first book; Where Did All The Money Go? & other stories. It’s a collection of short stories about my time at university. I’m still hard at work on proofing it. I’ve discovered I overuse certain words and am quickly scrubbing them through so I don’t look like E L James when it comes to publication.
You should know I am working hard to get this book out to you all. I don’t know what the turnaround is like from when I approve the final copy to it being available but I hope it is quick.
The plan is for it to be available as a physical book for £4.99 and hopefully on the Kindle for free. The cost of the physical book practically covers the costs of publishing the copy, hence why I want the Kindle copy to be free.
I’m not going to get rich as a writer. That’s never been what this whole thing is about. I just got to a stage where I realised I needed to write and to share some stories and this is the best way I can see of doing it short term.
I’m hoping enough people read it and there is some kind of notoriety received as a result.
If you do order a copy feel free to pass it around friends, spread the word, get people involved.

Thank you for the support people have offered up this week in particular.
I’ll see you all at the top.







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