Getting drilled.

Its gone nine and I’m not at work. I feel like a truant. I’ve actually been to get a filling sorted but I still feel like I’m doing something wrong.

I just spent half an hour under a spotlight having my mouth mashed about in the name of aesthetic beauty. I’ve never had the best teeth and my new dentist (because I decided to quit seeing one for five years) is sure he can turn me into a beauty queen. I’m not so sure myself.
My friend Danny once told me I had “indie teeth”. I never found out what he meant but took it as a compliment regardless.
Now I have had the nicotine stains taken off them and the chip in the front (caused by a dog) fixed and I don’t feel quite as self conscious about them. They’re still not gleaming little pearly drops dangling between my tongue, it’s basically just damage limitation but its good enough for me.






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