Happy two years.

This weekend was my two year anniversary with Kate. We were saying yesterday how we are obviously onto something good because nobody has put up with either of us for this long before.

On Saturday I picked her up from work with the obligatory chocolate, flowers & card combo and she cooked me dinner. It was goooood. Then we watched The Amazing Spider-Man and struggled to work out which of the lead characters we each fancied most.

On Sunday we went up to big London to have lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant and to see Matilda: The Musical which was one of Kate’s Christmas presents from me.
The food was so good. It tasted as good as you imagine when you watch his programmes. I know he gets a lot of stick but at the end of the day there are very few people who can cook to that standard (Kate is obviously one of those few (she won’t cook for me again unless I state this)). I had an Italian Mixed Grill which comprised of ribeye, rabbit, game, sausage and devilled kidney. Kate had prawn linguine. We both swapped plates before they were clean. We also had a couple of cocktails. Anniversaries are one of the few occasions where you are allowed to get spandangled at lunch.
For dessert I had a chocolate ganache pot and Kate had tiramisu which she couldn’t finish….so I did.


We had incredible seats for Matilda as well. I done good. Tim Minchin and everyone else involved have done an amazing job in bringing one of the best stories of our childhood to the stage. The songs are still in my head. The set pieces kept appearing out of nowhere and the cast were absolutely awesome.
I can’t comprehend how something like that is put together. It was flawless.
It’s got a good sense of humour and appeals to both adults and children alike. Bertie Carvel (Miss Trunchball) is one of the greatest villains I’ve ever seen onstage. It’s a mix between Rik Mayall and panto and delivered with aplomb despite the fact he has been onboard since the start of the run.
Go and see it.
I promise it is well worth it.

After the show we got the train home, had a cuppa and watched a bit of Pirates of the Carribean before I headed home.
What a lovely weekend to spend with my lovely girlfriend.
(You may all go and be sick now).







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