Resolutions 2013.

I’m not going to make a bunch of cliché resolutions that I will leave at the roadside by February. These are practical reminders of what I want to achieve this year.
Feel free to shout at me if I’m not sticking to this. This is definitive.

Get published
By the end of 2013 I want to be able to post a 5 star review of my own novel on Amazon or Goodreads. The hope is that I will send the first three chapters of ‘Visions’ to literary agents in February and if that doesn’t work then hopefully I’ll have the first draft of the new book ready to go before the end of the year which leads me nicely to….

Finish first draft of Hold On
This is just a working title but it is my third book and the first in a trilogy of tales set in the same world. I’m hoping it will continue to be as fascinating to write as the first ten thousand words have been.

Finish first episode of Six
For years my best friend and I have been kicking this sitcom idea about. It was rejected by the BBC but we are on it again this year alongside writing a musical about Stalin.

Raise £1000 for The Prince’s Trust
I’m currently at the five hundred pound mark. I’m hoping to put on a fundraising gig in the Spring and maybe a quiz night as well with my travel buddy Terri.

Get fit before October
This might sound bland on the surface but I am going to be spending a week in the Sahara desert and need to be in good shape. That reminds me I also need to invest in a pair of decent hiking boots and break them in.
I wouldn’t say I was in bad shape, I’ve spent the last year jogging and doing basic other exercises but I would like to feel physically fitter.

Save money
Again, generic but I’m going to need to find somewhere to live next year and apparently you can’t do that without money so it’s a must I’m afraid.

Record an EP
I’ve been writing like crazy in the last couple of months and really need to get something together. The plan is to record it all myself as I did with ‘Get Me To Marrakech’ and make it as readily available as possible. It might even become a fundraising scheme actually.

Blog less
Once I’ve settled into this year I’ve decided I’m going to only blog when I have something worth saying. I spent 2012 exasperated over the figures of visits to the site but I’m hoping quality over quantity will prevail.

Enjoy my life
I’m very lucky. I forget that sometimes. I should make the most of how things are and the opportunities afforded to me.

I’d like to wish you all well in 2013.
Lets all up our game.





2 responses to “Resolutions 2013.”

  1. Andrew (@Andrew__C) Avatar

    Nice start to the year. A friend and I were working on a sitcom for a while. What process did you go through to get it infront of the BBC?

    1. woowoocoolbastards Avatar

      We blind submitted it to their new writer’s department, probably not the best move, will review and change tact if we get the ball rolling again.
      Any recommendations?

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