It’s the end of the world as we know it.

…and I feel fine.
I can’t stop thinking about the number of end of the worlds I have survived now. I’m becoming quite adept. I think the secret lies in the wise words of Public Enemy – “don’t believe the hype”. I think even if the great Professor Brian Cox told me the world was ending I wouldn’t believe it, I’m just a classic cynic.

I can remember when Y2K was going to be the end of us all. I would have been 13 by my count. Even then I didn’t buy into it. A computer isn’t going to click over to 1900 and think it hasn’t been invented yet. Time is an invention of man. The odds are that the end of the world will completely catch us by surprise. That’s what I would want. It would never meet the build up around these fad end of the world prophecies, like how exciting the trailer for The Phantom Menace looked.

Does anyone remember swine flu or bird flu or the current one, the Nuke Flu or whatever it is called. We have survived the africanised bees, zom-bees, the Bush administration and mad cow disease. Its becoming a bit of a tired cliché even to mention it. I’m starting to wonder if anything can get rid of us. I hope so.






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