Alternate 1985.

So there are now a lot of people reading my NaNoWriMo project, Visions Of Violet. They should know that I love every single one of them. The three people I know of who have finished it all admitted to crying. I put that up on my Facebook page as a challenge to anyone else and I think there are about ten people who now have copies. The key is just getting people to read in the same way when I write and record music I just want people to hear it. I’m not really interested in making money from it at the moment. Although that might be some kind of ideal, where I get up each morning and pad down to my mahogany office to write on an Olympus typewriter and be brought cups of teas and cake all day I understand that might not happen for a while yet. I have a lot more writing to do before I’d be able to do it full time.

For the time being though I’m stuck on a cold commuter train to London, for work.
One day this will be an anecdote as I sit suited and cross-legged on a chat show, talking about what I did before I made it as a writer.

For now though, I just roll those ideas around in my head.






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