Book to book.

I’m struggling continuing with my ingenious plan of writing a book a month. It was all well and good in November when there were people all over the world doing the same thing but now I’m struggling to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to board.
I have a very basic outline of the story, too basic maybe. That could be the issue. It sort of feels like it is treading water when it should be marching on. I’ve only written two thousand words and I’m already so dismissive of it. Terrible business. The cool thing is that I’m writing though. I haven’t stopped for over a month. I’ve pretty much written every single day, a thousand words at least.
I may need to take the time to plan this piece out before I get lost and it turns to January before I get beyond this opening. I hope not. My leading lady is far too cool for such things.
Must read now though. I want to finish Gatsby, The Hobbit and Catcher In The Rye before Christmas.







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