Paul Schiernecker’s Day Off

Today is my last day off this year (not including Christmas and Boxing Day). After this it is solid work. I’ve been thinking about starting another novel, despite the fact I haven’t finished redrafting the current one. That’s what I should really get done today.
Instead I’ll make a stupid video about moustaches and go to the dentist. I wish that was me just being wacky, that really is my intended course of action for the day.
I made a list of things I wanted to do with my four days off. It is composed of six items. I have achieved two. I don’t think even if I worked all day on the others I could get them done. Maybe I should give it a go though, what’s the worst that could happen. That’s it. That’s what I’ll do today, try and do all the things I said I would do today. I won’t be able to record a whole album today though. That’s a bit rich, even for me.






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