The weekend starts here.

Got to wake up with her which is obviously the best possible way to wake up. Now I’m just tucked up in her little flowery duvet while she cooks me breakfast. I can hear J-Dogg playing recorder through the wall and Stacey being so pleased we bought it for him.
It is Saturday. The sky isn’t grey and today I’m off to Norfolk to catch up with some of my dearest friends.

It’s been a while but they’re never out of my thoughts, a point captured by the fact that I am still writing about them in Where Did All The Money Go?
I’m hoping everyone will be there and that it will be another classic night and that I don’t act too much as a camera and can be silly with them. What’s Kings Lyn like at this time of year? How many jumpers will I need?
Must dash. I can smell eggy-wegs and great lomticks of bread.






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