Gummy mouth.

Oh god. My head. I’m sat trying to get on the Glastonbury site to buy tickets. It’s just not working so I thought I would write. Woke up with Jocasta Devillenerve this morning, first time that has happened in six years.

Yesterday I journeyed up to Norfolk to visit my friends Lucy and Mark who have just moved out of the big smoke. Their place is lovely. You know you’re doing something right when you have enough room for a music studio. We went to watch a band at a pub round the corner and I can’t remember a lot beyond that. Good times.

I know I wasn’t the first to bed though which makes a change but I was the first one up and with nothing to do I cleaned and washed up the kitchen and then sat reading 1Q84 until everyone else decided to join me in the land of the living. There are a team of builders working on the house next door and I’m trying to put a thought together and it just isn’t happening.






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