Well I did say…

you’ve got to try.
It feels like a different person has passed through this skin since then. I have some exciting revelations in the coming week but I can’t give anything away upfront, because you’ll call me a blog slut.
Just trust me when I tell you that I’m getting excited, and that I hope everything comes to fruition because it will all be much better for my psychological welfare.

In other news I’ve decided that I want to start writing longer blog posts, I’m impressed that I manage to find some time and some words every single day but that’s not enough of a challenge for me, so on top of that I also intend to start planning a number of longer blogs, maybe verging on the term essay or the word article, depends on the content I suppose.

The good news is that I’m going out in big London tonight with my little Kate and we are going to see Joy Formidable. I realise that in going with Kate to see Joy Formidable I am basically consenting to the affair Kate conducts (pretty exclusively in her own head) with their frontwoman Ritsy but hey, she came to see The Amazing Spiderman with me, so all is fair in love and war.






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