My blood is too thick for this.

I can’t think properly when it’s humid. I know Essex is hardly the dizzying heights of Marrakech or Salamanca. I’m using that as an excuse for not having done any writing over the weekend. That’s usually the best time to do it but I spent the time with friends and family which I think was far more beneficial.

Spending time writing basically means writing a paragraph, googling myself and sitting on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and WordPress and telling myself how good I am. It’s not the most productive way of writing. I seem to have lost a bit of focus since I finished Situation One which is probably for the best considering my intensity with it at times. I do have other stuff to be getting on with, but it’s hard to balance with the feedback I’m getting on my first completed novel (or the implied feedback I’m getting). Never more, must keep reaching, must keep on, worse things happen at sea.






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