Making little videos and getting things done.

Last night I made a little promo video for one of my songs.

It’s not my first attempt at making a video, I’ve done it with a couple of bands previously, it was just weird going it alone.
You can see the result below.

I was recently told by a friend that if you want people to listen to your music then it’s a lot more accessible to them if there is a video to accompany it, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something to compliment the song. That’s what I’ve gone for anyway, or what I’ve attempted. Apparently it makes me look French, I don’t think that can ever be considered a bad thing.

The song is called Kitchen Messiah and it’s my attempt to reason a few things through the wonderful medium of song, I guess in a way it’s a tribute to my OCD.

I won’t say anymore because you might take it to mean something else, and that’s the wonder of music, it means different things to different people.








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