The Dark Knight Rises – an almost review.

I finally got to see the final slice of the Dark Knight trilogy and my god it’s beautiful. If you’re still waiting to see it then read no further.


Have they gone?

Oh man, it was amazing. Wasn’t it amazing. I was literally hooked the whole way through. Nolan is some kind of film god, the way he span that thing out demands a new kind of respect. It looked amazing, it sounded amazing (thanks Hans) and I can’t really bum it enough. I’d go as far to say I enjoyed it more than The Dark Knight, a view which I know will come up against some competition (I’m looking your way Floyd).

The mood of the film just seemed that much darker, there was a real sense of hopelessness, as though all of the lights had faded, in a similar way to The Empire Strikes Back ending on such a down-note. The mad genius and backstory of Bane are something you don’t get from most villains or even most characters and Hardy is some kind of animal once he is behind that mask. I’ve heard people gripe about the overdubbed voice but take it as part of the package and it works. There were times watching it when it was hard to imagine that there was man in the costume, as though it really were a comic book fantasy, he was that deep in.

Another unpopular opinion. I don’t really rate Christian Bale and as such won’t comment further other than saying he’s done a lot worse.

Anne Hathaway was spot on. I might have had my doubts because I was thinking of ditzy romcom Hathaway but she completely pulls it off. She’s badass. There’s something about a woman in a leather catsuit leaning over on a motorbike that fucks with my equilibrium.

Gordon-Levitt kept good pace as well, another surprise because I think of him as being Tom Hanson from New Jersey (because I watch (500) Days far too much). The film left the idea of him physically becoming Robin up in the air which I would argue is for the best, I never really like Robin, too sidekicky and camp. I’m sure if Nolan wanted to he could completely change that preconception but only time will tell on that one.

I think I want to go and see it again, and that rarely happens.







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