Fill my pockets up with sand.

I’m sat with a cup of coffee and my own recordings as accompaniment to my writing.
I had a sort of lie in this morning, which is highly unusual for me. Maybe the nights of five or six hours sleep had finally caught up with me. Maybe I’ve been doing too much as people insist on telling me. I’m happy in it though.

I’ve managed to write another five hundred words of the story that I’m working on. It’s not a complete idea yet, I don’t know if it will become a novel, I have quite a broad concept and bits I’m borrowing from The Great Gatsby. It’s nice to be writing prose again, I’ve been caught up in any number of other things recently.

I managed to get one of my songs finished yesterday, to a degree anyway. I’m sure I’ll spot something and take it back into my bedroom studio for more work, but in theory it should be the first track off the album I’ve promised myself I want to write, record, produce and self release in some way or another. It’s called Bienvenue and I’ll try and link it onto this page for anyone interested.

Right, I’ve got writing to do, and then a girlfriend to collect from work.








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