I have titled this post ‘Francois’ for the pure and brilliant reason that it is what Kate thought I was saying to the hotel staff as we returned the other evening. It has since become one of our many jokes. I was of course saying bonsoir for those of you wondering.

Yesterday we spent a thrilling and exhausting day at Disneyland where we expertly and efficiently managed to get on Space Mountain, Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain, Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror amongst others. At first it was fun to see how excited the swarms of children were, and to watch their parents try to keep them in check but after queueing in their midst for an hour to get on Big Thunder Mountain I’d had quite enough of people. Luckily the queues improved as we made our way to Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster so I can stop writing like I didn’t treasure the experience.

The incredible thing about Disneyland is that even at 25 years of age I am still completely overwhelmed by it. You see Mickey and instantly you are five again, those twenty missing years of having your feelings pushed in on yourself vanish and you realise how nice things can be. For a lot of children Disneyland is ‘the dream’. It’s all they could ever want and the park know that, their staff know that. Even in the incredible humidity they put on a great show, and a grand day out that I’ll tell my children about (they aren’t allowed to go until they’re 1.2 metres)







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