Never completely sane.

I’m a big fan of the over the top, throw things around, slam doors and smash things strop. I think it’s entirely healthy as a past time. What I don’t like is how I feel in the moments after, it opens something up, something bottled, something I don’t want to deal with.

I had one last night you see, and it’s got me questioning my motives in flipping out. It sounds really stupid to discuss it but I think it’s a part of my OCD, of things aren’t done in a particular way then I flat-out flip out. It doesn’t help that nobody will lift a finger at home because they expect me to do it all, because I always have, because I have OCD. It drives me mad when things aren’t done, or aren’t done to my specifications and they know it, they know that if they just leave it I will do it, because I always have, and I always will.

It’s quite an odd thing when you consider how sloppy my personal appearance is the majority of the time.






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