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I’m pleased to announce that I am well on the way with some new writing. With a little assistance from Life Rapture’s very own Benjamin Spall I am planning on releasing a book of short stories on Kindle in the coming months. At the moment I’m calling it ‘Where Did All The Money Go’ after one of the stories included in the collection but essentially it is stuff that I couldn’t wedge into my novel and is too good to just leave as a memory.

You can expect a return from the boys of Situation One as well as a host of other characters as we journey through ‘The Night of the Fridge Graveyard’, Crazy Wheelchair Pot’, ‘Madcat on the Prowl’ and plenty of others. I’m excited, and I’m the one writing it. It’s just nice to be stepping away from the novel as I close on the redrafting phase that has consumed me in the last couple of months. I’m pleased that people who had a huge impact on the three years I spent at Uni can get a look in now when they might not have been present for the dizzy highs in the novel.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll keep you updated.






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