Mancrush Friday – Simon Amstell

A lot of the reason I fancy Simon Amstell is that he’s thin, Jewish and has big hair. These are the same reasons I fancy myself, what can I say, I have a type.

I’ve watched him and liked him since Popworld and he’s one of the few man crushes I have who is obtainable (because he’s gay and single). I was at the Roundhouse a couple of years ago for a gig and he was there, and he gave me the eye, and I think that only served to increase the obsession. Sometimes I forget I’m not watching a home video when Grandma’s House is on, and I don’t know if I stole his mannerisms because he’s so adorable or if I’m just also adorable, I hope it’s the latter.

The only thing that stops me is the awkward morning after when we can’t work out who’s vintage indie jumper is who’s.






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