Got to get down on Friday.

I feel absolutely fantastic this morning. I got up and ran two miles listening to Bombay Bicycle Club while the sun came up which is possibly the best way to begin a day. I think it helped that I had such a good time last night. It was my return to the improvised comedy workshop. What I realised last night is just how close I am to those guys, I thought initially it was a little business like or a little snobbish because they all have a background in the arts but we actually get on incredibly well, I feel a lot more comfortable in front of them than I do other people. I think it helps that they genuinely make me laugh, there were moments last night when I was actually in danger of blacking out from laughing so hard. There are moments of puerile and childish jokes and there are moments of clever and eloquent puns and it’s just such a joy to be a part of. That’s enough gushing though.

I’m on the train to work and I’m quite looking forward to that being out of the way because a group of us are going for dinner and then to see Woman In Black at the Fortune Theatre. I’ll probably review that tomorrow if I get a chance.

As far as my weekend plans go I’m about one session (two hours) away from finishing the redraft of my novel. Then I’ll need to read it, get others to read it, and try and get myself a literary agent. I’ve already started on my next three projects and can’t wait to get my first out in the post. Tomorrow I’m going to watch a friend skydive for charity which I am quite looking forward to. I’ve never seen a skydive done before and I am very proud of him for doing something so daring for charity.

That should be enough for now right?






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