A terrifying realisation on my way into London

This morning I ran into three friends from school and we ended up commuting together up to the big smoke. Once I was over my mild annoyance at not being able to read my book or write my blog because I was expected to chat I realised that the things we were discussing had taken place a decade before. That time we were running around the IT room playing Stick Cricket, that was TEN YEARS AGO!

I’ve become an actual person since then, but it feels like the whole thing happened overnight. On the journey this morning we were talking about babies (not mine), mortgages (not mine) and girlfriends (including mine), those are adult conversations that grown ups have, and I was sat there thinking ‘when the fuck did that happen?’ Granted I’m probably the least grown up of the four of us (poo. bum. willy. etc!) but I had a terrifying realisation that we aren’t the kids in baggy school jumpers anymore.

The strange thing was it took about thirty seconds for those ten years to reverse, as we gathered on the platform. The same kinship returned and we laughed about things that had happened and terrible things we had done and I felt young again.






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