Thoughts on a Tuesday.

Last night my beautiful girlfriend was telling me how determined I’ve become in the pursuit of my dream of becoming a writer. She reads everything I write (god bless her) and has said that I should send my new sitcom script off as soon as possible, when in reality I had only written it to avoid working on my novel. What I love about her more than anything is the fact that she truly listens and she truly knows, I don’t know how many other people are like that, I’ve encountered a golden few in my years but there is a lot to be said for it. A lot of the time she becomes the person who has to staple together the nonsense stream of stuff I blurt out whenever I’m given the podium, and she does it with aplomb. It’s nice to be recognised for what I’ve become, and what I’m working towards. She came into my life when I was a bit lost and a bit fragile and she’s helped me come out the other side of it and I don’t think she really knows what role she played in that, no matter what I tell her.

I am very lucky to have someone so understanding, someone who realises that I need space to write, I need solitary, but when I want love I turn to her.






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