There Are No Innocent Bystanders – an almost review.

Don’t read this if you’re planning to watch it, I don’t want to reveal the magic?

The first thing it is important to note is that I am a massive Libertines fan and therefore (and rightly so) pledged to have the documentary by Roger Sargent released on DVD. That makes me (and hopefully others) feel like they’ve invested in it.

I guess the first disappointing thing is that it doesn’t feel like there is too much new footage in there, the reunion was covered across all mediums, the rehearsals were shot by NME, and I was present at their slot at Reading 2010 (and then watched it back about ten times on BBC). One of the highlights was Carl’s whistle-stop tours round their old haunts, and his anecdotes therein which again have been covered to a greater extent in a variety of different ways previously.

It does however break my heart to see Pete and Carl interviewed separately and blaming one another for the reason that it fell apart, when they are destined to be together, and they were but I put it forward that it definitely wasn’t for long enough. The sad thing to note in the documentary is the way it treats the band like a historical attraction, and lessens the impact the reunion should have.

Having said that I’m greedy for anything they throw up so this will satisfy for a little longer.






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