Warpaint; a much belated album review.

I was updating my music on my phone last night and decided to try and give Warpaint’s album another listen. At the time it was released they were very much dubbed as being the new something or other and I find it very hard to get into something when everyone is telling me just how fantastic it is.

Months on I can listen to the album and appreciate it for what it is, there’s nothing worse than all the hype, it’s like all the scenesters are just waiting for you to discredit yourself in indie circles by not going along with the crowd, or the sheep. I didn’t like the album when I first heard it, I could take Undertow because it reminded me of Polly but that was about it.

It is only now that everyone has stopped going on about it, and found something else to describe as ‘the new sound of…’ that I can actually listen to it, and thoroughly enjoy it. There are elements of Florence in there (which is probably how they got signed) combined with Massive Attack, Bjork, Portishead. It really is a good album and it’s a damn shame that I had to overlook it for so long.






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