Those old insecurities

For the longest time I struggled with having faith in other people, they’re so tricky as a general rule. I’ve always felt like I’m just a voyeur to whatever group I am stood trying to integrate myself into. What I’ve learnt is that I’m not supposed to be a part of a group, I dip in and out with the majority of people I know but I’m very much still a creature in my own right.

What upsets me, and raises up all this old trauma that I’d been dealing with so well is when someone that I consider to be a friend quite purposely blanks me. I wasn’t looking to take him out for a steak dinner or anything, was literally just going to say ‘oh hi, good morning, you alright?’ and walk away. That would have been enough for me but instead when we almost made eye contact he pulled his collar up and put his head down.

Thanks a lot mate, I’ll be over here trying to do something with my life if you need me.






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