I miss you.

I keep getting to thinking about the people I've lost in the last couple of years, it's a process which I've been nobly informed is called 'reality checking' where you think of something you want to tell the person and then remember that unfortunately it isn't a possibility, that they aren't there to be told, [...]


I jumped into this book knowing very little about it which I believe is always an agreeable experience, if you haven't read it I would recommend going and doing so before you read any further which somewhat depletes this being any kind of review, which means I'm writing for myself, which I believe should be [...]

Now that’s what I call a first novel (an almost review of Less Than Zero)

It's hard to review a book you've read at least ten times because you're instantly hung up on it all when you start. A friend (the same one who couldn't work out why he didn't have an Aston Martin) asked me how I could possibly read the same book more than once. Friend is a [...]