Let’s give this NaNoWriMo a go then.

National Novel Writing Month.
It’s coming for us and I am very much looking forward to it.
First off it will give me a good chance to purge my current writing from my system. I’ve been writing about the same characters and setting for over a year now and I’m almost ready to put the lot to bed, just another fifteen thousand words (approx) to go. I’m hoping that will all be out of the way by November and then the fun can really start.

I’ve setup my account with NaNoWriMo here, feel free to ‘buddy’ me. I’d like to have a wide selection of people through life, Tumblr, Twitter and my blog taking part and setting up a forum where we can all share our aches and pains. If you’re interested then now is the perfect time to start planning, you’ve got twenty-eight days of planning, plotting and character development to carry out before the meaty task of actually writing begins.

This is my first year of attempting NaNoWriMo and I’m still juggling the logistics of writing two thousand words a day and holding down a full time job. I’m thinking about writing during my commute and evenings and weekends, and seeing how I’m going after a week.
I’m also quite pleased with the story outline I’ve got, it’s an idea I’ve been kicking about since October last year when I was so wrapped up in Situation One that I couldn’t have contemplated pausing for something else, but as I said that’s aside now and I’m moving on. This November it’ll be a love story about chaos theory and terrorism, because I can never do anything straight down the line.

Come join me though, it’ll be an adventure.





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