NW Compartment

So, I was chatting to my therapist. Very Paul Schiernecker opener.
I was explaining that I view both time and commitments to people and events as being in boxes. In turn, she told me that this was very similar to the way Hugh Grant considers time as units in the film, About A Boy. It’s entirely possible this is where I stole the idea from. I’m composed of the different aspects from different characters within books and films. I’ve never had an idea in my life.

It got me thinking about two things. Firstly, that this probably isn’t the best way to consider the people I’m around and how I spend my time. Secondly, that I don’t know how people think differently. The natural thing would be for everyone to think in exactly the same way as me and for everything to therefore run as smoothly and effectively as my own mind (ha!). That obviously isn’t practical and if my life has been anything to go by, isn’t accurate or appropriate. It made me very interested in the way others may process their time or interactions. As an extroverted introvert, I find myself spread out thinly if I try to indulge others over my own needs. I’m also a people pleaser so this is a difficult balance to make.

I was left wondering how others view their minds. If they compartmentalise in that way and if this makes any sense to anyone else at all. I’m keen to develop and grow around my own needs and those I care about and a lot of that comes through understanding. How does your brain work? Is that a thing that you’re actively aware of? Do you connect?

I’m a huge advocate of therapy and cannot recommend BetterHelp enough. If you are interested then my referral code will give you a free week.

Oh, also, yes, that’s a Band Of Horses reference as the title.





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