The sun will come out soon

When I was young, and cool, I was in a band. The main reason we were in the band was to tell girls that we were in a band. Some of the time it worked. One of the songs that we wrote, and I think specifically Mike come up with the title of, was The Sun Will Come Out Soon. I don’t know if it had the intention of hitting me square between the eyes with a revelation over a decade later but here we are.

This week, I was walking through Shoreditch and the sun cut through the clouds and the buildings and hit the side of my face. I had this profound feeling that I hadn’t noticed the sun in a long time.
Now this could mean any number of things. Chiefly, it could be a coincidence. Better than that though, it was a metaphor. I hadn’t noticed the sun in a long time.

The sun is always there. It might be behind clouds. It might be over the horizon but it’s always there. I have been so deeply stuck in my own head that I didn’t notice much of anything. I agreed to things that I don’t actually want because it seemed easier than giving it any focus or fight.

Recognising the sun and feeling that glow was life affirming. We aren’t through the full harshness of winter but I’m coming out of my own period of hibernation and I’m hungry.






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