Music Jar – week 32

This week, I have been doing it for the kill by listening to nothing but La Roux. What I discovered was that since 2009, she has continued to make music.

La Roux is the combined name for singer Elly Jackson and producer, Ben Langmaid. For a long time, I thought Elly’s performing name was La Roux so this was a lesson. To confuse myself further, Langmaid left the duo after facing issues with writer and engineer Ian Sherwin during the recording of their 2014 album, Trouble In Paradise.

All that aside, there was a strange sense of nostalgia to return to songs like I’m Not Your Toy, In For The Kill and Bulletproof for the first time in over a decade. It gave me a squirmy flashback to a Halloween weekend where we listened to nothing but that album and Miike Snow and imbibed so much speed that I broke my brain. Times have changed but those songs stay as strong as they were in my foundling years.

Fun fact: Elly Jackson is the daughter of legend, Trudie Goodwin (known by me as Sergeant June Ackland on The Bill). This might be more exciting than Matt Healy being the child of Denise Welch.

What about the music though, Paul? Theres a lot to be said for the funky disco pop that La Roux generates and for someone as sanguine as myself, it’s a welcome break from my bleak taste in troubling troubadours. Give La Roux a listen and forget about your troubles.






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