Music Jar – week 29

This week, it has been my pleasure to listen to Jessie Reyez, the Canadian singer-songwriter you all know and love.

As with recent weeks, I wasn’t familiar with Jessie, in the same way I hadn’t heard Jamila or Soko. This is all an education for me. The first thing that drew me in was a song called FRAUD (she capitalises a lot of her titles a la Kendrick). I was hoping to pick up some work-based tips but it wasn’t that kind of song. FRAUD was only released last month so I’m feeling unusually current with this one.

Reyez has a flow to her lyrics, mixed with the fantastic melodies of her choruses, bringing to mind the league of other powerful female rappers and artists taking charge and doing their thing. Songs like FIGURES and IMPORTED demand to be paid attention to and it’s truly something to witness her stripped back version of the former (live at the JUNOs).

Jessie Reyez is a great talent and someone I would love to loop into rotation.






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