Music Jar – week 26

This week, I have mostly a boil in the bag sack of rice (it’s too hot and my innards are soggy) but I have very much been enjoying listening to Cesária Evora.

Now, I don’t know much about Cape Verde so this has been a real education. In fact, what I know about Cape Verde couldn’t even fill the 4,033 square kilometres that make up the ten volcanic islands that make it up (thanks Google).

Evora (commonly know as Cize) was also known as the barefoot diva, for obvious reasons. Listening to her music made me want to kick off anything on my feet and dance around the kitchen. There’s such soul and groove to it. Everything feels better and connected when she’s playing songs like Sodade or Besame Mucho.

While it’s not immediately my taste in music (I’m an indie punk at heart), I always appreciate hearing anything with some heart to it, anything with something to say.






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