Music Jar – week 24

This week, I have been delving in the era of the Top 8 on MySpace with Emmy The Great. While I remember her work on Lightspeed Champion’s Falling Off The Lavender Bridge, this was the first time I’d listened to the English singer/songwriter.

There’s a certain (and I’m sorry for using this word) tweeness present in Emmy’s work albeit brilliant and poetic at the same time. It reminded me of all of the best stuff I was listening to over a decade ago when I was cool and current about these things. In hindsight, it’s odd that someone so prolific and talented slipped under my personal radar. There’s a lot of stuff to unpack across her albums, collabs and work on Austenland which is to be admired.

If Emmy The Great isn’t someone you’re aware of then it is certainly worth asking why.






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