Music Jar – week 7

This week I had the absolute joy of listening to British singer songwriter, Cleo Sol. I hadn’t heard of her before this project and really enjoyed her soulful albums and have tried to find out more about her.

There’s a certain romantic late night feel to both Rose in the Dark and Mother which was a departure from other artists I have listened to this year. It led me to check her social media and other links in search of more information but whether it is purposeful or not, she’s kept things fairly light. What I was able to see is that she cites Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott as influences and became a mother last year.

My Spotify playlist of artists for 2022 will be built up here.






One response to “Music Jar – week 7”

  1. Paula Avatar

    The song “When I’m in your arms” very soulful, beautiful voice

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