No Time To Die.

It feels like we have all been waiting a long time for this film to arrive. This is in part due to the global pandemic. I’ve seen the trailer for NTTD so many times that set pieces in the film made themselves apparent before the plot had a chance to do so. It was like my own superpower, an ability to see stunts before they actually happen.

Outside of that minor grumble, NTTD is a triumph. It’s got everything you need from a Bond film; guns, gadgets, cars, exotic locations and more. The wit is there. The girls are there.
This time around, they have more power, heft and lines than many others.

It’s where the heart of this film presses itself against your chest that it really takes off. I’ve never felt emotionally attached to a Bond before (and I include that time I watched Tomorrow Never Dies while on mushrooms). The gut punch of this is something else. Well done Commander Bond.






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