Camp NaNoWriMo – Day Five

Well, I feel like I’ve cracked it. I’ve often said that I do my best work before 9am and that was certainly the case today. I got up at six (very quietly because it’s a Bank Holiday and I don’t want to be killed), worked out for half an hour, showered, dressed and wrote two thousand words in an hour. I then took a break to do some work and came back in this afternoon to finish up my thoughts.
Chapter Five sustained the Mexican Standoff that I left the characters in at the end of Chapter Four, and I was pleased with how the tone held out. Everything is now in place for the adventure to begin for my two main characters. I keep checking back at the Story Circle I’ve drawn up for it and thinking about where everyone will be by the end of it. I’ve only written up my plan to Chapter Fourteen but am planning thirty chapters so there’s room for it to breath and for me to feel out where it should all go.
For now, I’m a happy man.






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