How Do You Feel?

Today is my birthday.
For months, in lockdown, I’ve been working on an album, my fourth, and it seemed like today was as good a day as any to allow it to see the light of day.

How Do You Feel? comprises of ten songs written over the last fifteen years. It’s entirely possible that could be a person’s lifetime. For me, it represents the time during which I have been writing songs. The fact I was able to dig all the way back into those dusty Schiernecker archives and pull these songs out suggests one of two things, I haven’t developed as a songwriter in any way, shape or form or I have a level of consistency to my work that many artists strive for.

I suppose the key thing across these songs is the change in subject matter. I went through a stage where I thought that all rock songs had to be about one of the three things defined by Ian Dury in 1977.
Some of the later songs that make up this album (later as in I wrote them later rather than they are later tracks through the album) are about such varied subjects as trains, escalators and consent.

When I was eighteen/nineteen, I was in a very unsuccessful (even by our campus standards) two/three man band, The Consequences. At least one of those songs is on this album and I send my love to Marc and that time I upset all the twirleys and we were asked to leave through the tradesman’s entrance.

It’s also possible to track various relationships, romantic or otherwise, through these songs. While things may have changed and my involvement with those individuals may have fallen by the wayside, I hope it’s with a sense of warmth if they can sense their signature on a song.

Aside from that, I wanted to do this for myself. The last year has been tough and having projects to focus on has been a little wonder. I have no intentions with this album aside from doing it because I can. It might not be perfect, but it’s mine.

How Do You Feel? is available to download now through Bandcamp and will be on Spotify in the coming days.






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