Music Jar – week 51

Each week, I take a name from a jar and listen to that artist, someone that I wasn’t really into before but maybe should know more about. This week was a real Sophie’s Choice, as I was down to my final two. It is time. Charli XCX, I choose you.

What I Knew Before
I had heard the name.

What I Know Now
Charli XCX, formerly known as Charlotte Emma Aitchison was born in Cambridge and raised near my ends. She has released four albums as well as writing on a number of other projects.
It would also be fair to say that her music is not something I would ordinarily listen to. That being said, I dedicated enough time this week to trying to engage with it and still felt at a loss. I can’t imagine she would lose much sleep over this news. I appreciate how it is produced and what she is able to do but it’s just not for me. It sounds like how they thought the future of music would sound in the eighties, which could sound like a compliment if I meant it as such.

Favourite song(s):
Boys, 1999, Sucker.

Favourite album:

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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